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Customized Camps for India:

Programmes/ages available

All campers choose a country and base programme for their stay, and with a few exceptions these activities are during the morning period of 3 hours. For the rest of the day campers from all programmes come together for a variety of general camp activities. For more information about individual programmes, please choose below.

With an aim to introduce the international camping experience to the bright & aspiring Indian children, Village Camps has started operations in India; with its office in Mumbai.

We, at Village Camps India, believe every Indian child today is keen on being a “Global Citizen”. At Village Camps we offer a platform where our children get to mingle with children from various counties, make new friends, understand their culture and have a preparedness to step into their adult lives with a better understanding of the world.

With our presence across Europe and North America our children year on year get to experience various geographies and being a Young Global Citizen.

Employment at this Camp

Spend 4 great weeks in 2 different countries

Combine your camp experience with two more weeks of fun and learning at one of our other Village Camps locations. For further information please contact the Village Camps office.
Safety & Supervision:

Our 44 years of rich experience of working with the kids from different nationalities, has made us one of the best international summer camp organizers in the world.

We maintain a very high ratio of camper to counsellors - For every 5 children; we have 1 counsellor who supervises the group all the time. All our counsellors are professionals from there area of expertise, responsible and are recruited by us only after a thorough background check. They are friendly with the kids and are liked by all the campers as they are a lot of fun to be around!

All our counsellors are first-aid certified and are trained to work with all age group of kids. The counsellors undergo 2 full weeks of mock camp training before our campers arrive.

Group Leader from India:

We take full responsibility of the children signing up for our camps. The senior representative from Village Camps India Team travels from India along with the group, stays during the camp days and returns along with the group to India.

Food preferences:

We respect your certain religion based beliefs & food preference your child might have. So all you have to do is just tick your child's food preference - Veg, Jain, Non-Veg, Vegan etc. – on the health form provided to you at the time of registration and rest assured that your kid is enjoying camping and also enjoying his meals.

Activities available in India